The Whites of Texas

Made To Last

The Whites of Texas are a husband and wife musical duo comprised of Robby and Danielle White. The two met as teenagers at a singing competition and have been side by side ever since. (30 years)

Robby, an award-winning songwriter and long-time veteran of the Texas music scene, and Danielle are known for their Tex-Centric lyrics, tight vocal blends, and traditional country harmonies.


In 2020, the duo moved to South Padre Island, Texas, where they quickly built a large, loyal following leading to appearances on the nationally syndicated Television shows “Texas Music Scene TV with Jack Ingram” and PBS’s “Travelscope.”


Their debut album "Made to Last", released in 2023, is a decidedly old-school country record. Produced by Chuck Allen Floyd and recorded at Starbird Sound in Nashville, It draws from the sounds of '60s country crooners,  backwoods gospel churches, western swing dancehalls, and honky-tonk beer joints, all with a rich South Texas flair.

The Whites of Texas's music is a celebration of their love. Both for each other and for the music itself. With a captivating live show and a palpable passion for the songs they sing, The Whites of Texas are a must-see act for fans of traditional country and roots music.



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